Joél Orozco-Almeida

Joél Orozco-AlmeidaEducation Administration in Student Affairs Administration

Spring 2015
I have multiple favorite parts about my experience at UNL and as I reflect back on those experiences the common denominator is the life long relationships I was able to create and maintain to this day. Some of those include attending Scarlet Guard events with my Friend Lynn who I recently visited in Oregon. I am also thinking of my Graduate Assitantship supervisor Sara who is now a mentor who I reach out for advise regularly, or attending Latinx Graduate Student Association meetings where I met Janice and Aily, which have now become a part of my chosen family members!
I am currently working in the field of student affairs. Shortly after graduation, I worked 2 years as at the Multicultural Center at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL). After UNL, I moved to Colorado to work in the Office of Student Activities, Inclusion, and Leadership at Aims Community College where I worked for 2 years in that position. Currently I serve as the Associate Director for the César Chávez Cultural Center at the University of Northern Colorado and an adjunct instructor at Aims Community College.
There was a lot of growth both professionally and personally during my experience at UNL that has shaped my career trajectory and personal life by being able to be my full authentic self! The ability to work with faculty who took a personal interest in my growth in conjunction with the support for professional development, including attending conferences, opened up involvement opportunities that have led to gaining resume worthy experiences to become a competitive candidate as well as a network of support I can now reach out for professional and personal support.
I would like to make sure students know that it is normal if you feel like you don't have what it takes to succeed in college. The majority of us have struggle in one way or another with these thoughts and overall notions of imposter syndrome. There will be both good and bad days so keeping a positive attitude, asking for help, and most importantly finding somewhere or someone that brings you joy will help you achieve your goals and you will graduate with your degree!
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