John {Scott} Simon

John {Scott} SimonZoology

The Zoology classes and playing football for the Huskers
I became a pilot for the US AIR FORCE. After two Vietnam tours, 1967-1969, we were going to have our first child. I was going back for the third time. My wife thought I was on borrowed time, so I got out of the active AIR FORCE and began flying for the AIR FORCE Reserve and began a career in teaching Science. I finally retired from teaching in 2015. Now I do Lewis and Clark reenactments, I have the Moulton journals as published from Nebraska.
UNL was a great school, the professors were strict and demanded accuracy for a good grade. In a ZOO class my lab partner and I were inspired by a particular professor to learn all the bones of the cat, so we were able to reach into a box and by feeling only and not looking, name and explain every bone. I enjoyed and loved UN, and being part of the Husker football team 1957-59, exactly ten years prior to being part of the US Air Force team in Vietnam.I came back unscathed, some friends didn't come back. [I wish I had kept some football brochures from 1957,58, 59]
Study very hard and learn about the USA. How the founders went to their homes and prayed with their wives and went back to work and met and wrote down a Christian based, Conservative, Constitution. Study the other countries and see where you would rather live. John S [Scott] Simon US Air Force
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