Jule L Lueders

Jule L LuedersVocational Eduation

What was your favorite part about your time at UNL?
Love Hall for residency, Dean Hazel Anthony’s Office Work Study Program, and of course the education that I have used thorough out my career lifetime. While at UNL, I learned about culture diversification as I came from a very small farming town which had no diversification or accepted any.  In my free time I loved my visits to the Dairy Store, still today it makes great gifts for relatives. Loved the three part-time jobs I had while attending UNL, they made me appreciate my ability to work and still graduate without too much debt. Thanks to 4-H in my younger years, because of my experiences I was able to get scholarships and grants to help with my schooling.
What career did you pursue after you graduated?
Left the formal Education world to my career as a Construction Program Manager. Started my career, working for the Cincinnati Bengal's in their food service division, left the food service to become a civil service accountant, then added on the public works construction.  Moved to California. Obtained my California Real Estate License and worked on various major public works projects in Santa Clara County. 
What kind of impact did UNL have on your career? OR How did you use the start UNL gave you?
Confidence and being involved in the World. Did not have much when I graduated from a small-town High School in Nebraska. I realized when I was at UNL, I was empowered, intelligent, and I could do anything I wanted to do.  Just needed patience and my education. UNL has given me the foundation of teaching and/or mentoring, accounting standards, and to open my eyes to the World. Be engaged in life!  I love to travel, because of my education I have been able to go to Europe many times and learn from their cultures.  The picture of myself was taken this past summer on the Mediterranean Coast in Spain.
What is one piece of advice you would like to give to current and upcoming students?
Obtaining at least a Bachelor's or a Vocational Degree is a must, career doors open for you and your advanced education gives you a wonderful lifetime support group.  Your UNL educational foundation gives you the life foundation, but you must be open to go down paths you never thought of.  Always take a career path change if it is equal or greater, as you will learn from it.   Be Open for Change and be Bold to Risks, always continue to Learn.  
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