Julie Lynne Giles Hopp

Julie Lynne Giles HoppEducational Administration - Postsecondary

The face to face time to discuss with classmates. Exploring ideas and learning what worked and what did not, was the greatest part of masters program. Back in my undergrad, two years on campus, I loved being a part of the campus-life including football, basketball and band events.
I continued in my career in higher education at Peru State College. I have returned to UN-Lincoln for the last four years.
UNL taught me how to learn. I do not believe higher education teaches you how to do a specific job. It teaches you how to learn so that you can do any job.
Study, regularly. My first semester was fun with University 4H, but not very educational. High school did not prepare me to study on my own and I had to work to catch up. If you study regularly, you don't have to play catch up!
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