Year Awarded: 2011 East Butler Public School Math and Language Arts Teacher

Kathy Bohac, the 2011 winner, teaches fourth through seventh grade math and fifth grade language arts at East Butler Public School in Brainard, Nebraska. Her courage in teaching through personal strife and hardship showed the type of strength it takes to be a leader in education. Bohac is known for her persistently positive spirit and inspiring attitude; one of her student teachers said, "She just always has such a positive attitude. If the students are doing something exceptional, she gets so excited, and you can just see the light in their eyes." Bohac taught special education for 11 years before switching to language arts and math at East Butler. She currently serves on the East Butler Crisis Team and helps with school improvement projects.
"When I come to work every day, I am so happy to be teaching; through the years I always think, gosh, how could I have the best class in the school? Everything is real positive, and it is a choice." Kathy Bohac