Kelly Coash-Johnson

Kelly Coash-JohnsonUndergraduate - Political Science / Graduate - Educational Administration

I loved the instructors in the Educational Administration Department. They all had such great diverse backgrounds that included being a practitioner. I loved the ability to take night classes and independent studies to complete my degree. My advisor Dr. Larry Dlugosh was so amazing. He really helped customize my program for me.
I was a bit of a hybrid. With my Educational Administration degree I did not move into a district position. I have maintained a career in educational association work for 18 years. First with the Nebraska Council of School Administrators and now I am the Executive Director for the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA). We are a national educational association that advocates for human capital leadership in education. I travel all over the country meeting with PK-12 HR Directors, Principals, Superintendents and Department of Education staff to address issues of importance to the educational field. This included the Teacher Shortage, Teacher Licensure and Alternative Certification. We also advocate at the national level in Washington DC.
The University of Nebraska allowed me to continue my education and customize it to fit my needs and career path. My instructors knew I had no classroom experience and had no ambitions to be in a school district. They recognized that with my goals, understanding the issues and preparation in education would assist me and were necessary. They allowed me to explore educational association development and chart a path to where I am now. I do not believe this opportunity would have been available at any other institution and I do not believe I would be were I am today with out UNL and my amazing team of instructors and advisor.
Don't think you have to fit into a box to join a program or make a program successful. Share your goals and dreams with your instructors and advisor. They will help you make your experience rewarding and enriching.
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