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Dr. Kiewra has written a talent book, presently under review, called Nurturing Talent.


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Conversations with Four Highly Productive German Educational Psychologists: Frank Fischer, Hans Gruber, Heinz Mandl, and Alexander Renkl
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How to Parent Baton Twirling Talent: Four Success Stories
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Parenting Talent: A Qualitative Investigation of the Roles Parents Play in Talent Development
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Seven Ways Parents Help Children Unleash Their Talents
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Kiewra, K. A. (submitted). Nuturing Talent.
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Kiewra, K. A., & Witte, A. (in press). Prodigies of the prairie: The talent development stories of four elite Nebraska youth performers. Roeper Review.
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Ott Schacht, C. L., & Kiewra, K. A. (in press). The fastest humans on earth: Environmental surroundings and family influences that spark talent development in Olympic speed skaters. Roeper Review.

Flanigan, A., Kiewra, K. A., & Luo, L. (2016). Conversations with four highly productive German educational psychologists: Frank Fischer, Hans Gruber, Heinz Mandl, and Alexander Renkl. Educational Psychology Review, 1-28.
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Flanigan, A., & Kiewra, K. A. (2015). How does fencing talent develop? Elite fencing coaches provide the answer. American Fencing, 65, 16-17.

Kiewra, K. A., & Witte, A. (2015). How to parent baton twirling talent: Four success stories. Talent Development and Excellence, 7, 13-27.
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Witte, A., Kiewra, K. A., Kasson, S. C., & Perry, K. (2015). Parenting talent: A qualitative investigation of the roles parents play in talent development. Roeper Review, 37, 84-96.
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Kiewra, K. A. (2014). Seven ways parents help children unleash their talents. Parenting for High Potential, 3 (Issue 5), 4-6, 18-19.
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Kiewra, K. A. (2014). How to raise a twirling champion. Catch It! 54 (Issue 2), 14-15.

Kiewra, K. A., & Witte, A. (2013). How to parent chess talent: Classic and modern stories. In M. Shaughnessy (ed.). The Development of Talents, Skills, and Abilities (139-162). NOVA Science Publishers: Hauppauge, NY.

Patterson-Hazley, M., & Kiewra, K. A. (2013). Conversations with four highly productive educational psychologists: Patricia Alexander, Richard Mayer, Dale Schunk, and Barry Zimmerman. Educational Psychology Review. 25, 19-45.

Kiewra, K. A. (2008). Advice for developing scholars. Educational Psychology Review, 20, 79-86.

Kiewra, K. A., O’Connor, T., McCrudden, M., & Liu, X. (2006). Developing young chess masters: A collective case study. In T. Redman (Ed.), Chess in Education: Essays from the Koltanowski Conference (98-108). Chess Program at The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX.

Kiewra, K. A., & O'Connor, T. (2005). Developing young chess masters: What are the best moves? Chess Life, 60, 24-25.

Kiewra, K. A., & Creswell, J. W. (2000). Conversations with three highly productive educational psychologists: Richard Anderson, Richard Mayer, and Michael Pressley. Educational Psychology Review, 12, 135-161.

Kiewra, K. A. (1994). A slice of advice: Guidelines for publishing not perishing. Educational Researcher, 23, 31-33

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