Year Awarded: 2013 Lincoln Northeast High School Reading Specialist and Instructor

Kimberly Snyder was the winner in 2013. Kim is a reading specialist and instructor at Lincoln Northeast High School. According to her principal, “[Kim] continually. . . emphasizes to students the importance of improving reading skills. She inspires students to build upon their strengths. . . . Her classroom is “safe” to fail and “safe” to try again. Kim has a deep passion to help teachers improve in the skill and craft of teaching, and has become a positive force, not only for Lincoln Northeast, but for her district and for Nebraska as well. She is known to her students as a structured but extremely empathetic and caring teacher who loves her job. Teaching high school reading brings her into contact with students with a wide range of needs. Kimberly Snyder reaches out to these students with courage and excellence.
“Kim is known for connecting to her students and reaching deep into student’s lives to learn what inspires them. She has emboldened countless students to love reading while effectively teaching them the necessary reading skills to be successful in life.” Ruth Lohmeyer
LNE Counseling Center