Kristin Jenkins

Kristin JenkinsElementary and Early Childhood Education

My favorite time at UNL would have to be when I finally got into my methods classes and my praticums. It was rewarding and validating to finally begin to see the instruction I received impacting the lives of students.
Teaching. I taught interrelated studies at Clinton Elementary for two years before moving to CA. There, I taught preschool for three years, before returning to Nebraska. Since that time, I have taught kindergarten or preschool. This is year 35 of impacting the lives of our youngest students and their families.
UNL and Lincoln gave me my start and I built from there. My second grade teacher, who had a huge impact on my life, lived in Lincoln. Because of the relationship we built and maintained, I was able to continue under her expert guidance, love, and care while attending UNL. She gave me the gift of understanding what teaching is really about--relationships!
Times are changing! No longer are behaviors met with punitive punishments. Behaviors are a form of communication. We need to look at what it is our students are saying. When behaviors don't meet our expectations, we need to TEACH our students what those expectations are. There is a huge increase on children, across all socio-economic groups, coming into schools with some type of trauma. The more you can learn about trauma informed practices, the better you will be able to meet the needs of each and every one of your students. This is critical!!
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