Linda M. Nelson - 1969 Honor Alum

Linda M. Nelson - 1969 Honor AlumInterior Design


(1) Lifelong friends I met while living in the dormitory on East Campus.

(2) Learning from the women professors how many women would eventually be working outside their homes, even if their major studies were in what was previously called "Home Economics"!

(3) Being required to take at least introductory courses in all disciplines.

(4) Being hired for a short time to serve as a "Teaching Assistant" in a class to compare "Costs of Renting versus Owning Housing".

Thanks to references from UNL, I received a "Research Assistantship" at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  (It paid ALL expenses for two years; and I helped prepare an annotated bibliography book: "The Ergonomics of Environmental Design and Activity Management for the Aging" by Rose E. Steidl and Linda M. Nelson.)  I also completed a thesis at Cornell for my Master of Science Degree in the field of housing on the topic of residential mobility of the elderly. 

After graduation from Cornell in 1973, I served as a "Community Services Planner" for the United Way in Las Vegas, NV. Later, I worked for 28 years at the County of Orange, CA in administrative management and research analyst positions related to Housing and Community Development Programs for disadvantaged elderly, families and disabled persons. I retired after 28 years with a commendation from the County of Orange, CA Board of Supervisors for "Excellent Public Service."

Since my graduation from UNL, in addition to my paid work career, I  have devoted my time to a variety of volunteer experiences, including:

▪Promoting Affordable Housing for lower-income elderly, disabled and family households in Orange County, CA and the State of California! 

▪Tutoring illiterate adults. 

▪Adult religious education. 

▪Ecumenical and social justice activities.

I am presently an "Advanced Level Master Catechist, 3rd Renewal, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County, CA."

Develop a "Personal Vision Statement." I developed my own "Vision Statement" after I attended the County of Orange, CA "Leadership Academy"...
▪"Discover God's Presence in my life each moment; discern God's will and act upon it; and share my journey of Faith, Hope and Love with others."
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