Lori Ayars Luedtke

Lori Ayars LuedtkeBusiness Administration, Secondary Business Education

1983 - Bachelors, 2002 - Masters
I much preferred pursuing my masters as I got to know all of the other students much more than as an undergrad. I made some life-long friends with fellow students and an instructor.
1983 - Management of a Fabric Store, first as a store manager in Council Bluffs, IA and Mlps, MN, then as an area manager in Green Bay, WI, ; relocated back to NE and joined a men's Big and Tall Chain as their store manager, 6 months later became a group manager and then a district manager covering 6 states; than as an operations manager at a local location of a chain store before going back to UNL for my masters in Secondary Business Education. 
2002 - Taught at both UNL (Business Communications) and LPS at the Middle Level, 17 years later still teaching at the middle level in a Title I school.
UNL gave me the tools I needed to move along in my career quickly, particularly following my bachelors. As my life situations have changed - single, married, married with children and now as an empty nester, so have my career goals; UNL has always been a part of who I am and now too who my own children are as UNL grads!
Get involved, join some groups, clubs, something that ties you closer to the university. and whatever it is you are majoring in.
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