Margrethe Plum Ahlschwede

Margrethe Plum AhlschwedeHome economics-Journalism

I enjoyed all the extra-curricular activities--at that time there was a newspaper for incoming students; I worked with Gretchen Shellberg (may have a wrong last name) on that. East Campus Union Board. Co-ed follies (Chi O's were really good). Knowing the other women in MortarBoard. My favorite classes: University Singers with Earl Jenkins; all journalism classes; and the 2 design classes in home economics.
Journalism (AHEA pr assistant one year). Homemaker many years. Lincoln City Council 1979-1987. Return to NU for MA and PhD in English. Professor of English 15 years at The University of Tennessee at Martin, 1992-2007. Loved it: students, colleagues, climate, reading, writing, starting a National Writing Project site 1993 (with, of course, great administration support and it continues still) and with colleagues started Voice Lessons: The UTM Faculty Writing Project.
Could not have had all the success I had at UTM without the two graduate degrees from UNL English and the excellent and encouraging professors I had. And would not have as fulfilling a hobby--quilt-making) had I not had Barbara Laging and another non-tenured faculty as my design teachers.
Value the experience.
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