Matt PriestFamily Science

I knew from a young age, I would attend UNL. I used to go to Spring football games as a child, and my dad would say, "you could be one of these students some day." 
My favorite part was probably the extra curricular activities. Going to sports events, intramurals, etc. was a blast. Meeting people from all over....several of which I have stayed in contact. The experience was second to none.
While in college, I began a summer job at Boys Town. This led to further career opportunities at Boys Town. In fact, I had a job on graduation day...a huge relief. I have since worked in child welfare (foster care and adoption) for over twenty years. I have since returned to Boys Town...where I began my career. I have been at Boys Town for the past ten years.
I love this state and this University. My college experience was everything I thought it would be. I learned just as much out of the classroom as I did in the classroom. It made me who I am today and helped me have a more global perspective. 
Go Big Red!
Get involved. Enjoy every minute because it flies by! And be an advocate for your school long after you graduate. 
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