Nancy Holloran

Nancy HolloranEnglish, Journalism

Nancy Odum
Teachers' College (as it was called then) was small enough that it was easy to know many other students and professors. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed. I did my student teaching in journalism so I was responsible for the student newspaper and yearbook. I didn't have a cooperating teacher but one day my adviser stopped by my classroom--and there were no students present! That made me a little nervous but I explained that they were all out on assignment and she assured me that was fine, as long as I knew where they all were.
I taught briefly but I had married a week after graduation. By the next year I was pregnant, and in those days that meant you were out the door! Eventually, I had a 25-year career as Coordinator of Communications for the Millard Schools.
Obviously UNL had a huge impact because I had a teaching position as soon as I graduated. Several of my professors had a profound influence on my professional life.
Give it everything you've got! The rewards will be great.
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