Current research in our lab is focused on capturing day-to-day family dynamics to elucidate family functioning as it is experienced.

The Family Journal Study was designed to identify how different domains of stress (in parenting roles, at work, as a romantic partner) spill over to one another in families with young children. The main goal of this study was to examine whether moderators of spillover differ for mothers and fathers. 198 parents participated in this fully online study and data analysis is ongoing.

The Living with Toddlers Study is currently recruiting participants. The main goal of this study is to understand how parents (fathers, in particular), socialize emotion regulation with their children. This study includes questionnaires to capture intra- and inter-personal functioning and lab visits to examine hormone changes and behavioral characteristics when parents interact with their children. To find out more information about participating, provide your contact information here

The Go Pro at Home Study is in its second phase, which is to understand how early attachment relationships to multiple caregivers shape toddler biopsychosocial health. In this study, parents are collecting saliva and stool from their toddlers to assess stress hormones and gut microbiome health, respectively. Learn more about the study in Nebraska Today

The Queer Parents Study is currently recruiting parents of young children nationwide. The study's main aim is to understand how parents in a queer-identified relationship share childcare and parenting responsibilities. The study involves zoom interviews, home observations using portable cameras, and surveys to assess intra- and interpersonal functioning. Click here if you are interested in participating!

Research PDFs

These linked pdfs are infographic versions of my lab's research.