TMFD students participate in Project Funway fundraiser

TMFD students participate in Project Funway fundraiser

22 Oct 2018     By Mac Carney

The College of Education and Human Science’s Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design (TMFD) is participating in “Project Funway,” an annual fundraiser for Fresh Start, a nonprofit that helps homeless women get back on their feet. This is Project Funway’s ninth year, and TMFD students have been involved every year. Through donations, community support and fundraisers, Fresh Start has provided services to homeless women for more than 25 years.

Project Funway gathers submissions from across the community, including UNL fashion students, to host its fashion show. All submissions must be from upcycled material that has been reused to create something new. Materials can come from anywhere, including The Daisy (Fresh Start’s Thrift Shop), any thrift store, and your own closet. The new creation must include a story.

Madilyn Marshall spent weeks weaving a plastic party streamer backdrop into knee-high boot covers. Marshall says her creation speaks to the sexualization of women in our society. Veronica Jenkur melted plastic spoons to help create an outfit for a woman who is “unapologetically confident and powerful.” LaRee Emanuel made a necklace out of soda bottles to represent the pollution of the oceans and the way our waste is killing sea life. Mary Beth Ketzler used a wicker basket to represent the way a woman’s body is viewed and treated in a world controlled by social media. Ketzler said our bodies are like a cage because we are uncomfortable in our own skin. McKinsey Dooley made a cape out of plastic bags to call attention to the world’s plastic bag consumption and the damage it does to our environment. Bridget Sayles used tea light candles to craft a necklace. Sayles’ design brings to light poor working conditions, and the way consumers only see the “glamourous parts” of hard labor.

These projects and more will be on the runway from 6:30-10:30 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel. Tickets are $40 and $20 for students. Come support our UNL Fashion Students, and a great cause. Learn more about Fresh Start at

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