Qualities of Competitive Applications for Success in Acceptance into a Dietetic Internship Program

Generally speaking, UNL students successfully matched to a dietetic internship program have the following qualities:

1.  Overall cumulative GPA above a 3.5

2.  Science courses GPA above a 3.0 (with a maximum of one grade of C in a science course/lab)

3.  Nutrition courses GPA above a 3.5 (no grade below a B)

4.  Work experiences that are dietetic-related (health care, summer food program, long-term care facility, diabetes or weight control camps, grocery store, etc.)

5.  Work experiences that develop strong interpersonal skills, opportunities to interact with a variety of individuals in a variety of settings

6.  Experiences that developed and demonstrated leadership

7.  Variety of volunteer experiences

Declaration of Intent Form Needed For Application to Dietetic Internship Programs

Students who are currently completing DPND requirements and applying to accredited dietetic internship programs will need a Declaration of Intent form submitted by the DPND director at the time of application stating that at the point in time of the submission, the student is projected to successfully complete the requirements for completion of the DPND program and for attainment of the Verification Statement for Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Consequently, the requirements for submission of the Declaration of Intent as part of the internship application process are the same as the requirements for attainment of the Verification Statement.