"The emerging discipline of blending the culinary arts and the science of food", Culinology® s becoming a recognized and valued discipline that will significantly impact food research and development in the global market. The Research Chef is first a chef, a food focused individual, dedicated to producing the finest possible combination of ingredients to achieve palate pleasing results whether personally preparing the product for a customer they know or one they will never know. The Research Chef is also a researcher who uses scientific methods and knowledge to insure their creativity can be enjoyed far beyond the confines of their kitchen or laboratory.

Degree Options

The Department of Nutrition Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Culinology® and an online Meat Culinology® Certificate.


The Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences is located in Ruth Leverton Hall on East Campus. This facility contains:

  • Specialized laboratories for sensory analysis of food, food preparation, and testing
  • Nutrition research laboratories including state-of-the-art equipment