Dietetic Internship Program Policies


Interns must provide the following internship required documentation:

  1. An official transcript with degree posted and DPD Program Verification Statement signed by DPD Program Director.
  2. Proof of required immunizations and health insurance coverage.
  3. Completion of background check.
  4. Student membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  5. Current Food Handler’s Permit for Lincoln/Lancaster County.

The internship fee of $975.00 can be submitted to Lori Rausch in LEV 110.  (Intern will pay the $25.00 cost for student subscription to eNCPT.)


Dietetic interns must successfully complete the designated experiences and assignments related to each of the required accreditation competencies in order to receive verification of completion of the dietetic internship program.  In order to receive a certificate and verification of completion of the Dietetic Internship Program:

  1. Dietetic interns must satisfactorily complete assignments and experiences for each rotation as designated in the curriculum plan and by the dietitians in the affiliating institutions.  Satisfactory completion will be based on:
    1. Demonstration of entry-level knowledge and performance skills as indicated on evaluation forms documenting a level of 1, 2, or 3 for each competency evaluated.
    2. Demonstration of behavioral characteristics and ethics appropriate to the profession of dietetics.
    3. Attainment of a minimum 3.0 grade point average in graduate courses completed.
  2. Arrangements must be made to correct any assignments or experiences which were not satisfactorily completed.
  3. Dietetic interns will register for six hours of NUTR 875 Practicum in Dietetics.  In order to receive a final grade, the dietetic intern must complete all aspects of the program in a satisfactory manner.

The maximum amount of time for completing the program is two years from enrollment in the fall semester prior to beginning the supervised practice component of the internship program in January of the internship year.

All interns who have successfully completed the requirements for the program will be granted a certificate and Verification Statement of completion of the internship program and will be eligible to sit for the RD examination.  Each intern will receive copies of the Verification Statement along with a certificiate confirming successful completion of all program requirements.  Copies of the Verification Statements will be retained by the department.