Karsten Koehler

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Karsten Koehler

Assistant Professor

2011 Ph.D., German Sport University, Exercise Physiology
2006 M.S., University of Hohenheim, Nutritional Sciences

My primary area of research is the complex regulation of energy balance in exercising individuals and its implications for health and performance. Due to the high energy costs of exercise as well as the emphasis of leanness or low body weights in certain sports, athletes are at an increased risk of becoming energy deficient. Health effects of chronic energy deficiency in these individuals include impaired metabolic, reproductive, and cardiovascular function and poor bone health. My research encompasses experiments involving the manipulation of energy balance through diet and exercise as well as cross-sectional approaches, and my laboratory utilizes a variety of clinical techniques to quantify energy balance as well as metabolic and endocrine cues involved in the regulation of energy balance and health.

Professional Highlights

Honors and Recognition
2013 – 2015 Postdoctoral Scholarship Award, German Academic Exchange Service2012 Teaching Excellence Award, German Sport University 2012 Young Investigator Award, German Sport University2010 Young Investigator Award, German Sport University
2013 - 2015 Research Associate, Department of Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA2011 - 2013 Research Associate, Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University, Cologne, Germany2007 - 2011 Ph.D. Student and Research Assistant, Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University, Cologne, Germany
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)European College of Sport Science (ECSS)Female Athlete Triad CoalitionProfessionals in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (PINES)