Formal Evaluation of Dietetic Intern Performance and Progress

Dietetic intern performance appraisals will be completed and discussed with the dietetic intern before leaving the affiliating institution whenever possible.  If it is not possible to complete the evaluation before leaving the rotation an attempt should be made to complete the evaluation within one week after leaving the affiliating institution.  Appointments for discussion of the appraisal are the responsibility of the dietetic intern.

Completed evaluations forms are to be submitted to the Dietetic Internship Director and will be retained in the intern’s file.

A formal evaluation of the dietetic intern’s performance and progress will be provided at the following times:

a.  Approximately weeks seven-nine of clinical experience rotation
b.  End of clinical experience rotation
c.  End of management experience rotation
d.  End of community experience rotation

If the schedule allows, the internship director will attend mid and end of the rotation evaluations for clinical rotation.