The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dietetic Internship Program will provide a challenging educational experience for the development of future professionals. Professional competence and productivity require self-motivation and initiative to continuously assess oneself and seek learning opportunities. Interns are responsible for utilizing educational opportunities in order to develop and enhance their professional competence.

  • Learning opportunities are unlimited and the intern is expected to take advantage of these abundant opportunities for growth. The curriculum is merely a starting point from which interns launch their individualized plan for development.
  • The faculty/preceptor-intern relationship is a mutually respectful one in which both can learn and grow. Faculty/preceptors will facilitate professional development through constructive feedback and respectful guidance.
  • Professional development is an ongoing process which continues throughout a career.
  • As professional development is an ongoing process, so is the development of the internship program. Intern, faculty and preceptor input is actively sought, encouraged and used in continuous quality improvement.
  • It is import to recognize individual differences in knowledge and experiences and to design learning activities to accommodate these differences.