Exercise Physiology & Nutrition

Exercise Physiology & Nutrition Master of Science (M.S.)

Students in the Nutrition and Exercise Area of Specialization and students working in the Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Area of Study (Faculty expertise) will acquire core competencies in nutrition, exercise, research design, and statistics. Content will be delivered through graduate level research in the laboratories of faculty members and/or a flexible memorandum of courses individualized to student goals.

Preferred Courses Prior to Admission:
CHEM 109 (General Chemistry 1); CHEM 110 (General Chemistry 2); CHEM 251 (Organic Chemistry)+ Lab; BIOC 321 (Biochemistry) + Lab; BIOS 213 (Human Physiology) + Lab; BIOS 214 (Human Anatomy) + Lab.


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist-NSCA
  • Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist-ACSM
  • Nutrition & Exercise Consultant
  • Health-Fitness Instructor-ACSM
  • Exercise Specialist-ACSM

Application to this program

When completing the Office of Graduate Studies online application, select:
Major/Degree: Nutrition & Health Sciences
Specialization: Nutrition & Exercise


Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 36 semester hours of credit in courses representing the major and either one or two minors*.

  • If one minor is selected, then a minimum of 18 hours in the major (i.e., courses having the prefix NUTR) and 9 hours in the minor.

  • If two minors are selected, then a minimum of 15 hours in the major (i.e., courses having the prefix NUTR) and 9 hours in each minor.

  • Minimum of 12 semester hours must be earned in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900 level or 800 level without 400 or lower counterparts).

      * Selection of minor(s) is required.

        Select from other courses offered, with approval of the student’s Supervisory Committee, to complete degree requirements.

Information on Minors:

ALEC Minor
- contact Dr. Gina Matkin, 303B Ag Hall, 2-4454, gmatkin1@unl.edu
Leadership Education: must complete 4 of 6 listed:

ALEC 800 Overview of Program Planning (taught online, Fall semester)
ALEC 805 Advanced Teaching Strategies (taught online, taught on-campus, Fall semester)
ALEC 810 Environmental Leadership (taught online, Fall semester)
ALEC 866 Leadership and Diversity in Organizations and Communities (taught on-campus, Spring semester)
ALEC 877 Leadership and Motivation (taught online, Fall semester)
ALEC 888 Leadership, Power and Influence (taught on-campus, Spring semester)

EDPS Minor (must earn a B or better in all courses) -contact Dr. Meghan Davidson, 34 TEAC, 2-1482, mdavidson2@unl.edu

Option 1. Statistics and/or Measurement (12 hours)
EDPS 859 Statistical Methods (taught Fall/Spring/Summer) +3 of the following:
EDPS 870 Intro to Educational and Psychological Measurement
EDPS 860 Applications of Selected Advanced Systems
EDPS 941 Intermediate Statistics: Experimental Methods
EDPS 942 Intermediate Statistics: Correlational Methods
EDPS 969 Nonparametric Statistics Methods
EDPS 970 Theory and Methods of Educational Measurement
EDPS 972 Multivariate Analysis

Option 2. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (12 cr. hrs.)
EDPS 800 Foundations of Ed. Research
EDPS 859 Statistical Methods
EDPS 935 Qualitative Research
EDPS 900K Qualitative Approaches in Ed. Research
EDPS 800 Foundations of Educational Research
EDPS 900A Correlational and Experimental Methods in Education Research (or) EDPS 900B Single-Case Experimental Designs in Educational Research

Option 3. Cognition, Learning and Development
EDPS 850 Child Psychology
EDPS 851 Psychology of Adolescence
EDPS 854 Human Cognition and Instruction
EDPS 855 Teaching Learners to Learn
EDPS 863 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
EDPS 905 Advanced Cognitive Psychology in Education
EDPS 960 Advanced Cognitive Psychology in Education
EDPS 966 Psychology of Learning
EDPS 961 Cognitive Development
EDPS 962 Research Literature in Personality and Social Development
EDPS 963 Developmental Psychology
EDPS 977 Seminar in College Student Development
EDPS 989 Psychology of Reading and Writing


Associated Faculty

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