Food Literacy, Quality & Safety

Food Literacy, Quality & Safety Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

This area of study focuses on course work and research involving food microbiology, sensory evaluation, and the development and distribution of food education materials. It is designed for students seeking careers in food quality control or educational programs that emphasize the link between food production, consumption, and health. Selection of specific courses is flexible and will be tailored to match your career goals.

Degree Requirements

  • Minimum of 90 semester hours of credit, including 12-55 hours of dissertation.

  • At least one-half of the required work must be completed at the University of Nebraska after filing the Program of Studies for the Doctoral Degree.

  • At least one-half of the required work, including the dissertation, must be taken in the student’s major area of study (i.e., courses having the prefix NUTR or ASCI). The remaining work may be in supporting courses in the same or in related departments, or in a minor field of study outside of the major department or area.

  • The student’s Supervisory Committee is not obligated to accept credits beyond the masters degree which were completed prior to the Committee’s appointment.

  • Minor field of study must include at least 16 semester hours, with 6 hours in courses open exclusively to graduate students (900 level or 800 level without 400 or lower counterparts).

Additional requirements depend on degree option selected within the program.

Associated Faculty

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Georgia Jones Associate Professor, Extension Food Specialist

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Sample Courses