Reinstatement into the Program

A dietetic intern who needs to withdraw from the Dietetic Internship but wants to complete the internship program at the University of Nebraska can re-enter and complete the program within a two year period from date of starting the program provided they leave the program in good standing. Two years is the maximum time allowed to complete the program. Reasons for withdrawal in good standing would include health problems and family commitments. The intern can choose to receive a tuition refund if that is still possible or they can choose to be given an incomplete in NUTR 875. 

Procedure for reinstatement:

  1. The dietetic intern will notify the Director of the Dietetic Internship in writing of his/her desire to be reinstated.  The letter will indicate the earliest date available to re-enter the internship.
  2. The Director of the Dietetic Internship will decide the length of time and type of experience required to finish the program and the starting date of the continued program.
  3. Scheduling the program for the dietetic intern requesting reinstatement will be dependent on arrangements which can be made with the cooperating facilities and the current class of dietetic interns.