Scheduling and Program Calendar

The 32 weeks of supervised practice will begin in January.  Interns will be scheduled for 40 hours per week (36 hours per week completing supervised practice experiences in the facilities and four hours of class per week).  In addition, interns will complete a minimum of 80 community health/nutrition education supervised practice hours and 90 supervised practice hours as components of NUTR 986 Graduate Seminar and NUTR 956 Community Nutrition during the fall semester.  The program provides a minimum of 1200 hours of supervised practice.

 Interns will be granted the Memorial Holiday and Fourth of July Holiday.  Because the internship is a professional program, interns are not granted compensation time for hours worked beyond the 40 hours. 

 The dietetic intern will participate according to the schedule assigned by the affiliating institution and will participate in his/her learning experiences on any day of the week scheduled by the supervising dietitian.  The dietetic intern can be excused for special meetings and workshops that have been approved by the Director and the supervising dietitian at the affiliating institution. 

Approved meetings or workshops may count towards the 40 hours per week of experience planned for the dietetic intern.