Vacation, Holiday and Absence Policies

Vacation time will not be scheduled during the dietetic internship program.

Dietetic interns will be granted four personal days and the Memorial Day and Fourth of July Holidays.  At the intern’s request or if the facility requests and the intern is willing to work on the holiday, the intern may agree to work on the holiday and then be given compensatory time off. 

 Some interns will have additional holidays off as a result of the affiliation being closed for the holiday (Martin Luther King Holiday and President’s Day).  Interns will need to use one of their personal days or make-up those eight hours at some time during that rotation.

 The four personal days off are to be used for personal reasons or illness.  Anytime an intern needs to be absent from an affiliating institution (to include inability to arrive at the rotation site due to weather) they may choose to use one of the four personal days or they can make up the time missed upon approval from the affiliating institution and the Dietetic Internship Director.  The intern will notify the Director of the Dietetic Internship of any personal days taken.  If the number of days absent exceeds four days the Director of the Dietetic Internship will schedule the dietetic intern for the extra days in one of two ways:

  1. The dietetic intern may be scheduled for additional hours/week until the time is completed.
  2. The dietetic intern may be required to stay after the program formally ends to make up time missed.

The Director of the Dietetic Internship may use his/her discretion as to which method (a or b) to use depending upon the scheduling load of the institution and the needs of the dietetic intern.

It is the intent to schedule the dietetic intern according to the following considerations:

  1. Time to be made up should be in the area the dietetic intern missed as long as the affiliating institution is able to schedule the dietetic intern.
  2. The dietetic intern should be scheduled for learning experiences meeting those competencies not completed and in areas in which he/she is least competent based upon previous evaluations and preceptor observations.