Andrew Benson, PhD Internal Advisory Committee


Professor; Food for Health Presidential Chair and Director, Nebraska Food for Health Center

Department of Food Science and Technology
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
256 Food Innovation Center
1901 N 21st St Rm 256
Lincoln NE 68588-6208

Phone: 402 472 5637  |  Email:

External Website:

Benson’s research group studies the complex sets of host and dietary factors that collectively influence composition and function of the gut microbiome. In collaboration with statisticians, computational biologists, and animal geneticists, Benson’s research program has focused on understanding how individual genetics can influence the microbiome and how dietary factors can modify the impact of host genetics, most likely through a direct impact of diet on the gut microbiome. Benson’s group is also spearheading the discovery component of the Nebraska Food for Health Center using complex trait analysis in crop plants to define components and molecules that can impact the gut microbiome of humans. Working closely with center members in plant genetics, statistics, and glycobiology, his team uses in vitro microbiomes in high-throughput screens of milled grains from large genetic resource populations of crop plants. This approach to complex phenotyping enables a rapid and quantitative measurements of thousands of genetic variants to define pathways and molecules that are capable of influencing one or more members of the gut microbiome.