Dustin Yates, PhD NPOD Investigator


Assistant Professor - FORMER PROJECT LEADER 2017-2020

Department of Animal Science
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
A224 Animal Sciences Complex
Lincoln, NE 68583-6305

Phone: 402.472.6305  |  Email: dustin.yates@unl.edu

External Website:

My current research interests center on fetal programming events that lead to small-for-gestational-age offspring and affect life-long muscle growth and metabolism in humans and animals. Metabolic programming during prenatal stress is an area of physiology that is not well-understood but has been linked to greater risk for obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. Ultimately, my long-term goal is to determine how prenatal stress programs slower skeletal muscle growth and metabolic dysfunction after birth and to develop a practical method of identifying individuals with adaptive metabolic programming at birth.