Janos Zempleni, PhD, NPOD Director NPOD Administrator

Janos Zempleni

Willa Cather Professor of Molecular Nutrition, Director of the Nebraska Center for the Prevention of Obesity Diseases through Dietary Molecules

Nutrition and Health Sciences
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
316C Leverton Hall
Lincoln, NE 68583-0806

Phone: (402) 472-3270  |  Email: jzempleni2@unl.edu

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My laboratory has 20+ years of experience in nutrient signaling, and its roles in human disease. Gene regulation by epigenetic mechanisms and non-coding RNAs has always been of particular interest to our group. We have made seminal discoveries in these areas, including covalent modification of chromatin proteins by vitamins, the role of holocarboxylase synthetase in orchestrating a multiprotein gene repression complex in human chromatin, and the absorption of dietary microRNA and its effects on gene expression in humans.