Jiri Adamec, PhD NPOD Investigator


Associate Professor - Former Pilot Project Leader 2015-2016

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
N151 Beadle Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-0664

Phone: 402.472.7369  |  Email: jadamec2@unl.edu

External Website:

I am particularly interested in determining proteins that have undergone aberrant posttranslational modifications as the result of a specific disease and their detection in blood. By measuring biomarkers in plasma or serum, clinicians can identify at-risk patients and diagnose and track the progression of these diseases.

I have published more than 60 scientific manuscripts in numerous peer-reviewed international journals, and I have authored or co-authored four book chapters and several invention disclosures. I have presented seminars at conferences all over the world, and my research is principally funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and NSF. I have also been the recipient of several awards, and I am a reviewer for many scientific journals (e.g., Science). I also serve in an advisory capacity and as a consultant to several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as a number of biotechnology instrument manufacturers. In addition to my university research, I am also co-founder of Novilytic, which provides analytical tools and methods for the identification and study of biomarkers.