Juan Cui, PhD NPOD Mentors and Members


Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
122B, Avery Hall
Lincoln, NE, 65888-0115

Phone: 402.472.5023  |  Email: jcui@unl.edu

External Website:

The central goal of Dr. Cui's research is to understand complex biological systems, e.g. human diseases such as obesity and cancer, through data integration, computational modeling and knowledge discovery, to systematically understand the alterations of cells and organisms in response to environmental stimuli, and to elucidate the molecular interaction network involved in complex biological processes. The primary research interest of her group is to develop systematic approaches that integrate data mining, modeling, -omics data integration, and experimental validation to address important biological questions related to human disease. Specific research topics include elucidation of cancer genome evolution, biomarker identification, and construction of microRNA regulation networks in obesity and cancer.  Additional information can be found at: http://sbbi.unl.edu