Jung Yul Lim, PhD NPOD Investigator


Associate Professor - PROJECT LEADER 11 (Former Seed Grant Project Leader 2018-2019)

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
W317.3 Nebraska Hall

Phone: 402.472.2480  |  Email: jlim4@unl.edu

External Website:

The overall goal of our research group is to regulate cell function and fate via applying mechanical signals (mechanical stretch, fluid shear) and biomaterial cues (micro/nanoscale substrates). We specifically aim to reveal the role of focal adhesion, cytoskeletal tension, nucleoskeleton-cytoskeleton linkage, cell-cell junction, and immune response in cells sensing and responding to mechanical signals and biomaterials. The crosstalk between engineered extracellular milieus and molecular signaling cascades in cell mechanotransduction and cell-biomaterial interaction will provide high impact mechanistic data for mechanobiology, biomaterials science, and regenerative medicine. In this NPOD Project Leader grant, we propose to test cellular mechanotransduction for adipocytes which have not been traditionally highlighted as mechanosensitive. We expect the investigation of adipocyte mechanobiology would provide a new insight into the role of adipocytes in regulating metabolic functions such as insulin signaling action.