Kaustav Majumder, PhD NPOD Investigator


Assistant Professor - Former Pilot Project Leader 2018-2019

Food Science and Technology
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
263 Food Innovation Center
Lincoln, NE 68588-6205

Phone: 402 472 3510  |  Email: kaustav.majumder@unl.edu

External Website:

The major focus of my research is to explore the potentials of food proteins to produce bioactive peptides through enzymatic digestion, fermentation or food processing. More specifically, the discovery of food-derived bioactive proteins and peptides and evaluating their therapeutic potential for the treatment and prevention of hypertension, diabetes, and associated metabolic disorders through a vast array of techniques from in-vitro chemical assays to cell culture studies to in-vivo animal studies to in-silico analysis.

 The research program in my laboratory targets to delineate the complicated role of bioactive food proteins/peptides and explores their underlying molecular signaling mechanism to reduce the pathogenesis of hypertension and associated metabolic disorders. The research program also aims to identify the biomarkers and the genetic alteration happen due to the intervention of bioactive food proteins/peptides.

Furthermore, my research also focuses on high-value utilization of protein-rich agricultural waste and by-products for cosmetics industries to biomedical applications.