Qiaozhu Su, PhD NPOD Investigator


Former Project Leader 2014-2017

now at School of Biological Sciences
Queen's University Belfast

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Dr. Su’s research interests include studying how different lipid species and nutrient compositions are causally linked to the development of metabolic diseases, particularly obesity and diabetes, in the genetic or dietary intervention animal models by applying proteomic and lipidomic approaches.  As a new faculty member in the Department of Nutrition and Health Science in the fall of 2012, an important goal of Su’s laboratory is to investigate the associations between lipid signaling and lipoprotein metabolism as well as the underlying mechanisms responsible for the development of metabolic syndrome. Her program concerns two main areas: (1) Elucidating the mechanisms responsible for hyperactivation of hepatic de novo lipogenesis in insulin resistant by investigating the interplay between cellular stress signaling (mitochondrial and ER stress) and hepatic lipid metabolic pathways. (2) Determining the mechanisms responsible for overproduction of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) in subjects with obesity and diabetes. Qiaozhu hopes that her research program will lead to the identification of nutrient supplement(s) and/or pharmaceutical target(s) for the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome.