Rebecca Oberley-Deegan, PhD NPOD Investigator


Associate Professor - P01/Multiple PI Pilot Grant Project Leader 2021

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Location: BCC 6.12.391

Phone: 402.559.9364  |  Email:

External Website:

The focus of Dr. Oberley-Deegan’s laboratory is to reduce side effects associated with cancer therapy. Our main goal is to reduce radiation and chemotherapy induced toxicity to normal tissues while not protecting the tumor cells from being killed by these therapies. We have 4 main areas of focus in our laboratory: 1. Protection of normal tissues undergoing radiation therapy, 2. Protection of normal tissues exposed to chemotherapy, 3. Determine the role of tumor progression when mitigating normal tissue toxicity, 4. Clinical trials in Head and Neck and Anal Cancer using a promising new radioprotector.