Philip OstenSecondary Education- Social Sciences

The ability to work with great professors who take the time to get to know you. Working with the Husker Summer Camp Program, this helped me focus in on what age group I wanted to be around to teach. The phenomenal colleagues I got to work with within the Education Program, each one provided a new insight and I was able to collaborate with them through various projects and teachings.
I pursued a teaching career after graduation. I am currently the 6th grade Social Studies teacher at McCook Junior High.
UNL had a large impact on my career. I was able to experience many different education learning experiences through practicums and student teaching. I was able to experience both a middle school and high school setting. Through both of these experiences I saw myself in a middle school setting, something that I had not seen myself in when I first started in the Education Program.
Take the time to enjoy your learning experience and collaborate with as many people as possible. Each person has a new insight, so take the time to listen and work with them.
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