Reetu SahniSecondary Education - Mathematics

Reetu Singh
I enjoyed being involved in diverse student groups and attending events on campus. I also enjoyed hanging out and studying at the Multicultural center (the original one on 14th street).
I became a teacher for Lincoln Public Schools. While working for LPS I pursued my masters degree at UNL. I then moved to New York City where I currently teach for NYC Department of Education in Manhattan.
UNL had great support. My professors in grad and undergrad such as Dr. Fowler, Dr. Bryant had my best interests and connected me with opportunities that led me to my teaching experience once I graduated.
*Enjoy all aspects of college life. Not just social but also academics. 
*Get to know your professors! They are a great asset during and after your college career in connecting you with opportunities.
*Put yourself out there, get involved or participate in cultural events around campus. Go to sponsored talks and allow yourself to experience new people and new ideas.
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