Renae Oestmann

Renae OestmannHuman Development and the Family

I loved working in the Ruth Staples Laboratory. At that time, we cared for infants up to preschoolers. I enjoyed interacting with the children and hearing their non-filtered comments. I learned so much from Maxine Bauermeister, Marcia Hild and Pauline Zeece.
I have worked at UNL my entire adult life. This year I will receive my 30 year service award.
I apply the knowledge from my UNL coursework every day as a Program Coordinator within UNL's 4-H Youth Development/National 4-H Council's Common Measures position.
Enjoy your time as a college student. This is the time in your life to concentrate on YOU as you choose your future path in life. You have so many opportunities available to you. Take advantage of as many of those opportunities as you can. College is the time in adult life that you will have the most freedom.
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