Philosophy Statement

The Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory Program provides an educational and developmentally appropriate setting in which children and adults grow and learn together. To this end, the environment is prepared by staff and students and experiences are provided which:

  • contribute to developing positive self regard
  • maintain good health and safety as a primary concern
  • encourage learning to relate in socially appropriate ways to other children and adults
  • foster optimal development in all areas: physical-motor, social, emotional, and cognitive
  • encourage understanding and acceptance of one’s own and other’s emotions
  • expand a child’s concepts and ideas about the world by fostering an appreciation of individual differences in the home, school, and world community
  • promote language competence in communication with others
  • encourage self expression
  • stimulate curiosity and the desire to learn
  • foster a value for all living things and the responsibility for living in the world in an ecologically wise manner
  • promote the importance of living peacefully with a wide variety of people
Kids Playing with wheelbarrow