SLPA and SPED Fall 2017 Course Wait List

To be added to the wait list for a closed SLPA or SPED course in the Department of Special Education and Communications Disorders, please complete this form.

SLPA 101 and 201 courses - Please contact Amy Willman directly at


  • Opening additional seats to accomodate requests is not guaranteed.
  • Requests will be prioritized based on academic priority.
  • After April 18, please check your email regularly for notification regarding your request status. Your advisor will be copied on all communication with you.
  • Email notifications for SPED 406/806, SPED 406A/806A, SPED 415/815,  and SPED 415A/815A requests will not be sent before May 1 at the earliest. 
  • If you have submitted a request for a closed course and no longer need a spot, please notify the department at 402-472-2145 or
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