Graduate Assistantship Application Form - Communication Disorders

Submission deadline: Jan. 15 each year
Qualifications To Apply:

Any graduate student may apply for a graduate assistantship if he/she is:

1. Applying for or accepted into the graduate program (M.S., Au.D., Ph.D.) in Communication Disorders;

2. Registered as a full-time student the semesters for which he/she requests a graduate assistantship;

3. Not student-teaching or on another extended field experience during the semester for which he/she requests a GA; &

4. Capable of fulfilling the qualifications and duties described in any of the job descriptions listed below.

Selection Criteria:

Priority will be given to applicants with:

1. Competency in oral and written communication;

2. Clerical keyboarding and computer/software skills;

3. Leadership/organizational skills;

4. Experience in school, laboratory or clinical settings; or

5. Experience that has developed specific skills required for GA tasks.


Graduate Assistants are generally awarded a tuition waiver for each semester they are employed. In addition, a monthly stipend is awarded for the duration of their employment as a GA. The actual amount of each stipend is determined each year on the basis of available budgets. Twelve credits of resident tuition are waived each semester if (a) the graduate assistantship is for a minimum of four continuous months, (b) the graduate assistantship is no less than 13 hours/week, and (c) stipend is at least $2,400 per semester. The subsequent summer tuition (6 credits maximum) is waived if the GA for the Fall and Spring semesters equals the minimum amount specified in the current UNL Graduate Studies Bulletin.


Graduate Assistantships are part-time jobs awarded to qualified students to assist them with the financial responsibilities associated with full-time enrollment in graduate school. Each GA will be assigned to one or more faculty members in the Communication Disorders Unit and expected to work at least 13 hours a week. GAs are expected to register as full-time students but not exceed 14 credits/semester. Students who receive graduate assistantships are not permitted to hold other employment unless such employment, in combination with their assistantship, does not exceed a total of 20 hours/week.

Work will begin the Monday prior to the start of classes each semester and continue weekly (including Fall and Spring Break Weeks) through the full week after final exams. A schedule of specific work hours will be arranged each semester with the assigned faculty advisor and with consideration given to the student's schedule of classes.

Students may not receive graduate assistantships during semesters in which they student teach or complete required field experiences. These practicum assignments necessitate the student to be away from campus many hours and do not provide adequate opportunity to complete GA work assignments. No student will be eligible to receive an assistantship for more than two years (four academic semesters).

Job Descriptions

The actual number of GAs hired each semester is determined by the availability of funds, needs of the department faculty, and qualifications of applicants. The Communication Disorders Unit generally has need for GAs who can fulfill one or more of the qualifications and duties described below.

Research/Teaching Assistance. Duties include assisting with data collection, possibly at an off-campus site; coding data; using a computer for data entry or coding; completing library searches; photocopying or collating needed research materials and references; proof-reading drafts of surveys, manuscripts, and letters; and making phone calls to subjects or project collaborators. Assistants should have good verbal presentation skills and be able to dialogue effectively with adults. GAs may be requested to proctor exams, assist with grading exams and class projects, maintain class records, tutor students, and engage in problem-solving and brainstorming with faculty members or students. GAs need to be familiar with copying and fax machines and have adequate typing skills for word processing tasks.

Undergraduate Courses. GAs assigned to assist with undergraduate courses must possess good skills in time management, organization of projects, and interpersonal communication. Responsibilities will include preparation of handouts and class materials, phonetic transcription and grading, facilitating small group activities, record keeping, grading assignments, and supervising class activities.

Application Status
What is your degree objective?
I have read the job descriptions. I believe I am qualified for a Grad Assistantship for the following jobs-mark all that apply.
Provide a rationale for financial need and list other financial assistance applied for or awarded for the upcoming academic year.
List skills for supporting research activities such as data collection, coding, library searches, editing, etc.
List your specific skills for supporting teaching activities such as oral and written communication, tutoring / teaching, maintaining records, etc.
By typing my initials in this box, I certify the information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If asked by an authorized official, I agree to provide proof of the information I have stated in this application.