August Graduate Spotlights: Sydney Meister & William Redwine

Sydney Meister and William Redwine

August Graduate Spotlights: Sydney Meister & William Redwine

11 Aug 2017    By Kelcey Buck

Seventeen students - eight in speech-language pathology and nine in special education - from the Department of Special Education & Communication Disorders will graduate with their master's degrees Saturday, Aug. 12, as part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's summer commencement. Read on to learn more about Sydney Meister and William Redwine, who are among those 17 graduating students.

Sydney Meister

Lincoln, Nebraska
Master of Science, Speech-Language Pathology
Bachelor of Science, Speech-Language Pathology - Texas Christian University

Why was speech-language pathology the right fit for you?
I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in a field that focused on helping people. Growing up, I enjoyed working with kids, but didn't necessarily want to be a teacher. Family friends who are teachers recommended looking into speech-language pathology, which I ended up loving. One of my favorite aspects of speech-language pathology is that there are various settings you can work in, such as a school, rehab hospital, or private clinic. The types of clients you see also varies depending on your place of work. The ability to have a lot of different experiences with my degree made speech-language pathology the right fit for me.

What made you choose Nebraska's speech-language pathology program for your master's degree?
Nebraska's graduate program for speech-language pathology provides students with plenty of unique experiences, from serving clients in the clinic at the Barkley Center to student teaching and medical externships. These multiple opportunities to serve and network within the community helped me choose Nebraska's program.

What advice do you have for new students entering the speech-language pathology master's program?
My advice to new students is to keep an open mind. You may begin the program thinking you only like kids and want to work in a school, but then be surprised that you enjoy the medical aspects of the field more. There's also the opportunity to do both!

What's next?
I recently started my job as the speech-language pathologist at Maxey Elementary School in Lincoln.

William Redwine

Sioux City, Iowa
Master of Education in Special Education, Specialization in Visual Impairments 

Bachelor of Arts, Education, Middle School Endorsement - University of Northern Iowa

Why was special education the right fit for you?
Special education allows me to work closely with individual students. This teacher/student relationship provides unique opportunities to tailor instruction toward a student's particular needs. I was fortunate to benefit from excellent service provided by a Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments when I was young, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to assist blind and visually impaired students in developing into the adults they dream to be.

What made you choose Nebraska's special education program for your master's degree?
The program for Teachers for Students with Visual Impairments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln gave me the opportunity to work with professionals in my field from the area around where I live in northwest Iowa. Teachers from Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and beyond were all part of this program. I was able to work from home in Sioux City, as well as experience the programs provided at the Kansas School for the Blind, and visit the facilities of the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired. These diverse experiences will serve me well in my career.

What advice do you have for new students entering the program?
This career requires a lot of a teacher. The coursework you do at Nebraska will prepare you in many ways, but understand that it will be very important to ask questions and communicate with your team. Practice this now by asking your professors and fellow students questions, and staying connected to your learning experiences.

What's next?
I have already been serving as a Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments in northwest Iowa for the last two years, and am beginning my third. I intend to continue to improve my professional practice and strive to provide meaningful and effective instruction to my students. It is a joy to see students using the skills we have worked on together to gain even more skills as they grow and mature.

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