Join our faculty for tours of the Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic, as well as several of their respective research labs in the videos below.

Audiology Clinic Tour

Audiology Research Lab Tours

0:03 – Marc Brennan's Amplification & Perception Laboratory
4:55 – Michelle Hughes' Cochlear Implant Research Lab
7:29 – Amanda Rodriguez's The Concussion and Vestibular Evaluation Lab

Barkley Center Student Spaces

Speech & Language Clinic Tour

Speech-Language Pathology Research Lab Tours

0:03 – Steven Barlow's Communication Neuroscience Laboratories
7:18 – Angela Dietsch's Sensorimotor Integration for Swallowing & Communication Lab
10:45 – Susan Loveall's Lab
11:42 – Kevin Pitt's Augmentative & Alternative Communication Translation Lab
15:05 – Naomi Rodgers' Stuttering Lab
17:23 – Yingying Wang's Neuroimaging for Language, Literacy and Learning Lab