Open to graduate students in the Speech/Language Pathology program, this two-week trip takes students to Chaing Mai, Thailand. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside ASHA certified and licensed SLPs in the field – experiences in a medical setting as well as the provision of accent modification/English-language enrichment sessions are planned for this study abroad experience. Students will also have the opportunity to:

  • Build cultural humility in a diverse, cross-cultural setting
  • Develop and grow their competence related to Speech/Language Pathology
  • Gain clinical hours with the possibility of conducting informal assessment – provision of accent modification sessions with interested participants
  • Enjoy new experiences like Muay Thai kickboxing, Thai traditional medicine, working with elephants, learning Thai massage, and exploring ancient temples


Jessie Kohn, Faculty Leader
207D BKC

Katie Brennan, Faculty Leader

Sook Young Jun, CEHS Global Experiences Coordinator
130A LPH / 115 HENZ