Top 10 Reasons to Choose UNL Audiology

painting of a cochlea
#1 – Unique Spiral Curriculum

•First-year coursework begins with the basics and gradually builds as you progress through the program. This means you will revisit topics and learn more advanced aspects each semester.

•No waiting until the third year to start learning the basics about advanced topics such as cochlear implants or vestibular function.

a Husker AuD student tests a young girl's hearing at the Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic
#2 – Clinical Experience from Day 1

•Students see patients in the Barkley Clinic from the start of their first semester in the program.

Barkley Clinic services include adult and pediatric hearing assessment, amplification, cochlear implants, electrophysiology, and vestibular assessment.

•Additional opportunities for diverse off-campus clinical placements, including private practice, ENT clinics, children's hospital, Veteran's Administration (VA) hospital, and public schools.

Husker AuD students take notes during a class taught by Dr. Amanda Rodriguez
#3 – Funding Available Throughout the Program

•Each year from Fall 2017 through Spring 2021, more than 76% of students in our AuD program have been awarded some level of funding during that academic year.

•Types of funding available include: department fellowships, graduate assistantships, and federal, state and university grants and contracts. Learn more on our Funding Opportunities webpage.

Husker AuD students practice simulation on CARL heads
#4 – State of the Art Training and Simulation Facilities for Experiential Learning

•Individual work stations equipped with CARL Simulation Heads, Verifit 2 units, otoscopes, and laptop computers downloaded with the most current software for practicing hearing aid and cochlear implant fittings.

•Otoscopy simulations for practice identifying outer and middle ear pathologies.

two Husker AuD students examine a cochlear implant while conducting research at the Cochlear Implant Research Lab
#5 – Opportunities to Engage in Faculty Research

•Auditory perception and amplification – Amplification and Perception Lab

•Cochlear implants – Cochlear Implant Research Lab

•Ototoxicity and substance misuse – CIRL and CAVE Labs

a Husker AuD student helps a young boy attach his cochlear implant
#6 – Cochlear Implant Clinic and Dedicated Coursework

•Clinical services for all three CI manufacturers' devices

•Extensive coursework in auditory implants

a Husker AuD student conducts vestibular testing at the Barkley Speech Language and Hearing Clinic
#7 – Extensive Vestibular Clinical Training and Coursework

•UNL is one of the few programs in the country with seven hours of course credit in vestibular assessment.

•Fully equipped vestibular clinic in the Barkley Center.

a Husker AuD student creates an ear mold for a woman in Nicaragua
#8 – Extensive Local, Statewide and International Outreach Opportunities for Students

Clinic With A Heart – hearing screenings for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured

Special Olympics Healthy Hearing – hearing screenings for Special Olympics athletes

The Nebraska Hearing Aid Bank – provides amplification for low-mid income individuals across the state and across the lifespan

Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program – advocacy positions available for students

Study Abroad in Nicaragua – opportunities for students to provide humanitarian hearing healthcare in Nicaragua

members of the Student Academy of Audiology pose for a photo at an event at a Lincoln Saltdogs baseball game
#9 – Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)

•Provides an opportunity for students across cohorts to network together to promote and advance the profession of audiology.

•Student-led fundraisers help support our community outreach programs.

audiology faculty members
#10 – Faculty with Diverse Expertise

Tessa Boesiger, AuD, cochlear implants
Marc Brennan, PhD, auditory perception and hearing aid amplification
Katie Brennan, MS, aural rehabilitation
Hannah Ditmars, AuD, pediatric audiology
Michelle Hughes, PhD, cochlear implants and electrophysiology
Kelly Pritchett, AuD, adult audiology
Stacie Ray, AuD, community audiology
Emily Wakefield, AuD, occupational audiology
April Charroin, patient care associate
Margarita Protopopov, audiology assistant