Shirley Wilson

Shirley WilsonSpecial Education

Special Education
1987 (M.Ed.)
I took Master's classes in the evenings while teaching, as well as during the summer months. I specifically enjoyed my classes addressing students with severe, multiple disabilities (e.g., Dr. Pat Mirenda, etc.). It was extremely helpful taking the classes, while teaching individuals with significant support needs, as I could apply my learning immediately and would know what questions I needed to ask as I did so.
Special Education Teacher for individuals with significant support needs
UNL provided me with the education and degree needed to teach students with severe, multiple disabilities, which I did for 37 years. In an effort to improve quality of life for my students, I participated in many pilot projects through the years, including Active Stimulation (use of switches and assistive devices), Accessing Computers Through Alternative Keyboards/Devices, Augmentative Communication, Community-Based Instruction, Inclusion in General Ed. buildings and classrooms, and Positive Behavior Supports. I witnessed and was a part of systems change progressing from institutionalization to inclusion within general ed. settings and curriculum. While teaching, I also served several years as a Field-Based Consultant for the University of Kansas' Beach Center on Disability, presented at a variety of inservices and conferences, and I have written online modules for teachers/teacher prep. I considered my coursework at UNL's Barkley Center invaluable.
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