Using School-Wide Leadership Initiatives to Promote Student/Staff Success

Major Jeff Searcey

Leadership is an over-encompassing umbrella that can be a concept applied to the entire school from the top down and back up. Through a 1 year development initiative, a school can lay the foundation for a specific Leadership identity that will be constructed solely by their own team (Team Building in the process). This concept of Leadership can be defined through- out the entire environment around and within the school. It can provide an active foundation to operate from that can then hone in to every environment. The team identifies and targets areas of continual emphasis. Then the team creates measurement(s) for continuous improvement by the leader in charge of that environment and supported by the entire initiative. A common language can be constructed enabling “shared consciousness” (A term discussed by Gen. Stanley McChrystal).

This process can be completed as fast or as slow as an organization desires, but the recommended timeline below will highlight a 1 year development:

Step 1- Ensure Understanding of the Staff of the concept Step 2- Construct a Definition of Leadership
Step 3- Identify Every Environment Possible
Step 4- Define Your Current School Culture

Step 5- Target Opportunities in each Environment Step 6- Create Measurements for each Target
Step 7- Finalize How to Implement
Step 8- Finish the Plan and Gain Concurrence of all 

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