Student Services Center - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?

Current students can make an appointment with their advisor on MyPlan. To access MyPlan, login through your student Blackboard account. If you are not a current student or need assistance making an appointment, please c all our office 402-472-8624. Additionally, CEHS Advisors are available for walk-in appointments on Wednesday from 9:00 AM to Noon and again from 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM.

How do I change my major?

If you are a current CEHS student and want to change your major from one area in CEHS to another within our college, stop by 105 Henzlik. The front desk staff will help you with the change of major paperwork, have you register for a transfer session (if you are changing into a teacher education program) and/or will schedule an appointment for you with the appropriate advisor.

If you are not currently in our college,

visit your current college to fill out a CDMA (College Degree Major Adviser) form. You will declare your major on the CDMA form. Bring the change of major form to 105 Henzlik. Our office staff will help you complete the change of major process.

If you are currently in our college but would like to transfer to a different college,

you do not need an appointment. Stop by 105 Henzlik anytime Monday-Friday 7:30-5:00 and our office staff will give you your file and a change of major form to take with you to your new college.


What is the degree audit?

The degree audit is a computer-generated document outlining your undergraduate academic progress. This record uses your UNL coursework, transfer coursework, and courses in progress in order to determine your progress toward degree completion.

Where can I find my audit?

You can find your degree audit on MyRED under "Records." Make sure to always request a new audit so that your most recent classes are included.

How do I read and understand my audit?

If you take some time to look over the audit, you will see that it is easy to read. The front section gives an overview of the entire document and follows with more detailed information for each of the sections. The audit should match the sections of your Undergraduate Bulletin ( that talk about academic requirements and your program sheet given to you by your advisor. Utilizing all of these tools together may be helpful. For more detailed information on how to read and understand your audit, go to

I have completed a course at another institution that is not showing as fulfilling a specific requirement on my audit. Why not?

The degree audit has the ability to recognize courses from schools with whom we have direct equivalencies (which is, mostly, for Nebraska schools). It cannot read other schools' credit and determine how to place that course. Contact your advisor to see how the credit may be applied to your degree.

I took a UNL class that is not showing up on my audit. Why not?

There are potentially several reasons for this:

  1. Near the end of the semester, before final grades have been posted, the degree audit moves grades to a "NR" No Reporting format. It moves these courses and hours to the end of the audit until final grades are received.
  2. If you failed the class or did not receive the minimum grade necessary for it to count toward the degree, the course will show up in the section marked hours not applicable toward the degree and also at the end of the audit noting that they are not counting due to the grade received.
  3. Many degree requirements must be taken for a grade. If you took one of these requirements on a P/N basis, it will show up in electives only, and/or as not applicable toward fulfilling degree requirements.
  4. College independent study courses will not appear on your audit until the course is completed and the final grade has been recorded.

I cannot remember how to register or change my classes on MyRED. Where can I get help?

Go to There are step by step instructions and a "Frequently Asked Questions" page available on this website.

How do I add a class that is full?

Some overrides are handled by department offices and some are handled by individual professors. You can call the department office of the course you'd like to add to determine the best way to attempt to override into a specific course.

How do I add a course that puts me over the credit hour limit?

Use the Credit Hour Override form, which requires an advisor's signature.

Allowable credit hours per term:
Fall or Spring - 18
Summer Pre-Session - 4
Summer 8-week - 9
Summer 1st 5-week - 7
Summer 2nd 5-week - 7

Can you tell me which class will be the easiest for me?

Whether a class is "easy" for a student depends on many different factors. What is your learning style? What are your study habits? What subjects are strongest for you? Some students would rather take Chemistry over English. Some students like large lectures rather than discussion based courses. Students also have varying preferences regarding course content. Some students prefer essays than multiple-choice quizzes and exams. "Easy"is subjective, which makes it difficult to answer.

What is the difference between a co-requisite and a prerequisite?

A co-requisite refers to a recitation, quiz and/or laboratory class that is taken in conjunction with the course lecture. You must enroll concurrently for your registration in a course that requires a co-requisite to be accepted. A prerequisite is a required course that must be successfully completed before moving o n to another, more advanced course.

How many hours do I need before I am considered sophomore, junior or senior standing?

Students need to have 27 earned credit hours to be considered a sophomore, 53-88 earned credit hours for junior standing and 89 and above earned credit hours to be considered a senior.

How do I know if I can take a course P/N?

Check your degree audit on MyRED (under Records) to determine if the P/N grading option is acceptable for your academic program.

I registered for classes and thought I was a full-time student, but it doesn't look like I am in 12 hours. Why?

First, make sure you successfully added all the courses you intended. Second, check the number of credit hours for each course. Some courses are "variable hours" so you need to put a number in the credit hour section or the system will automatically register you for 0 hours.

How can I tell of a course counts for an ACE requirement?

You can check on the ACE Certified Course List at: or check your degree audit.


How do I apply for scholarships?

All UNL students who want to be considered for university, college or departmental scholarships should complete the "UNL Upperclass Scholarship Application" on MyRED. Scholarships are available in CEHS for currently enrolled students and are awarded after reviewing a student's financial need and/or academic performance, as well as for specific areas of study. To be considered in the financial need criteria students need to have completed a current FAFSA.

How do I know if I'm on the Dean's List?

Students must complete 12 graded classroom hours for that semester (P/N hours do not apply) and carry a minimum of 3.75 GPA.


Do I have to have a 2.0 GPA to remain in CEHS?

In order to remain in good standing at UNL and in CEHS, you must maintain a 2.0 cumulative. However, should your GPA fall below a 2.0 one semester you can remain in CEHS while you are on probation and working to raise your gpa. For more information on academic probation and academic dismissal, go to

Note:All teacher education programs require a 2.5 minimum cumulative gpa to be admitted into the program and remain in good standing.

How can I raise my GPA?

The most quick and effective approach to raising a GPA is to retake courses you have received a C- or below in. When you re-take the same course at UNL, UNO or UNK, the new grade replaces the old grade in your GPA(although the old grade will always stay on the transcript). While you must repeat the same course (rather than a different course that will satisfy a similar requirement), you are not required to work with the same instructor. You cannot replace the grade by taking an equivalent course at an i nstitution outside of the University of Nebraska system.

How can I project what my GPA will be at the end of the semester?

You can use CBA's online gpa calculator at On this website you will enter your estimated grades for the semester and it will report your projected semester gpa. You can also supply your cumulative credit hours and GPA to see how the semester will impact your overall GPA.


As a currently enrolled UNL student, how do I get into a teacher education program at UNL?

Students start as "pre-education" students in the College of Education and Human Sciences. Admission to the advanced phases of teacher education requires specific courses to be completed and is selective, and in some cases, highly selective. There are two application deadlines each year: February 1 and September 15. Following is the timeframe for selective admissions:

Secondary Education Math, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences: Students apply as early as September 15 of their third year at UNL

All other Secondary Education Teacher Certification Areas (English, Business, Family & Consumer Sciences, Foreign Language, Mild/Moderate Disabilities): Students apply as early as February 1 of their second year at UNL

Speech Language Pathology Audition Grades Preschool-12: Students apply as early as February 1 of their second year at UNL

Elementary Education, Early Care & Education (Birth-Kindergarten), and Inclusive Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 3): Students typically apply as early as February 1 of their second year at UNL

Your advisor will give you all necessary information on the requirements for applying to teacher education programs.


Will my GPA transfer to UNL from another college or university?

If you previously attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney or Omaha, your GPA and credit hours will transfer. However, if you attended any other institution only your credit hours may be presented for transfer (i.e. your UNL gpa will only reflect grades earned at UNL).

Can I take courses at another institution?

Yes. A student can transfer in a maximum of 66 credit hours from a 2 year institution. Additionally, 30 of your last 3 6 credit hours must be completed in residence at UNL.

How do I know if I can transfer a course from another institution?

We have transfer guides that identify transferable courses from most Nebraska Schools. You can access this at: : If you are transferring courses from an out of state institution that does not have equivalencies established, please contact your advisor.

How do I get my courses from another institution transferred to UNL?

To transfer course credit from another institution you will need to have your transcript sent to:

UNL Office of Admissions
1410 Q Street
Lincoln, NE 68588-0417

If the course is a direct equivalent it will automatically be placed on your degree audit. If the course is not a direct equivalent, visit with your advisor about getting it approved by exception processing.

How can I order an official UNL transcript to be sent somewhere else?

Students can order transcripts online at

Can I retake a course at another institution and have it replace a UNL course grade?

To replace a grade in a course you took at UNL you must retake it within the NU system, these include UNL, UNO, UNK, or UNL's Extended Education program.


How will I know if I will be graduating on time?

Check your audit online through your MyRED account. All Areas should be marked with an "OK" or "IP" (which means "In Progress"). We encourage you to contact your advisor if there are any areas marked "NO" or you have any questions.

Will the courses I need to graduate be available?

Not all courses are available every semester. Plan AHEAD in scheduling the last three semesters of course work to ensure a timely graduation.

When do I apply for graduation?

A student applies for graduation at the beginning of their last semester at UNL. Graduation Services is located in Canfield 109. You can download the graduation application at There is a $25 fee due with the application for degree.

What do I need to know about the graduation ceremony?

Information about graduation is available at If you still have questions after reading the information available on this website, contact Graduation Services at 472-3636.

Will I graduate with Distinction?

To be eligible for distinction a student must complete 60 graded credit hours at UNL by the time of graduation. Students in teaching endorsement programs must satisfactorily complete student teaching. Eligibility is based on the cumulative grade point average of all credit hours taken at UNL prior to the beginning of the term in which the student receives his or her degree.

Highest Distinction: Candidates for the bachelors degree who have successfully completed the program to which they were admitted and achieved a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.

High Distinction: Candidates for the bachelors degree who have successfully completed the program to which they were admitted and achieved a 3.950 thru 3.999 cumulative grade point average.

Distinction: Candidates for the bachelors degree who have successfully completed the program to which they were admitted and achieved a 3.850 thru 3.949 cumulative grade point average.