Staff Council Needs Your Help

Food and shelter insecurities are an unfortunate reality for students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and nationwide.  Nearly 1 in 3 students on our campus worries about not having enough food until they get money to buy more.  In January 2017, the Office of Student Affairs and Dr. Juan Franco, a faculty member in CEHS, launched the Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+. 

"There is nothing more sad than watching a student suffer, especially when it comes to issues like hunger and not having a place to live," said Juan Franco, vice chancellor for student affairs.  "Huskers Helping Huskers is going to be much more than just a food pantry. It will provide comprehensive services to help those students struggling financially."  Sadly, Dr. Franco passed away in August 2017. 

In memory of Dr. Franco, the CEHS Staff Council is sponsoring the 2017 CEHS Giving Challenge to support the Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+ at UNL.  Please help us surpass our 2016 efforts of collecting 758 items and $435 in cash contributions.

The Challenge begins today and ends on Friday, December 15.  The Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+ provides food and shelter insecure students with food, hygiene items, and school supplies for free.  Information about community resources for housing and other food assistance programs is also available.  Any current student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who is in need can stop by the Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+ to pick up free food and hygiene items and/or get help connecting to university and community resources related to food and shelter insecurity.

Below is a list of needed items.  Donations will be collected at the Educational Administration office (141 TEAC) on city campus, or at the CEHS Dean’s Office (105 HECO) on east campus.  Each CEHS faculty or staff member who participates in the 2017 Giving Challenge will be entered in a drawing for the chance to win one of two special crocheted afghans.  

Winners will be announced at the CEHS Staff Holiday Luncheon on December 21 and shared college-wide after the event.  If there are questions, please contact Melanie Kellogg at or 472-9359.

Most Needed Items
~Pasta Sauce
~Dish Soap
~Canned Fruit/Fruit Cups
~Face Wash
~Feminine Hygiene Items
~Toilet Paper
~Hand Soap
~Disinfectant Wipes
~Granola Bars
~Paper Towels
~Laundry Detergent

A list of all items stocked in the pantry is also available on their web site (

Cash contributions are welcomed.  

~Checks should be made out to UNL- Huskers Helping Huskers. 

~Gifts also can be made to the University of Nebraska Foundation, fund #01140700.  On the Foundation website, search the fund number 01140700.  Online gifts can be made via credit or debit card, and an electronic donation receipt will be emailed to you.  Memorial gifts can also be made through the foundation website.

On behalf of the CEHS Staff Council, thank you for considering contributing to the Giving Challenge in memory of Dr. Franco and supporting UNL students in need!


Wilson is August Staff Star Award recipient

Brian Wilson, instructional design tech specialist, has been selected for the August Staff Star Award. Wilson hosts frequent brown bag sessions for faculty members to maximize student learning in online classes. He has also presented at online education conferences. Wilson’s work with colleagues in CEHS and across campus resulted in an online student success center for online graduate students in the Department of Educational Administration (EDAD). The project, designed to establish a community of learners and ease their transition into online education, was recently featured in Educause Review, a higher education IT publication. 

Wilson also took the lead in writing a successful CEHS Technology Innovation Grant to provide EDAD faculty with VoiceThread, a resource to help faculty better support their online students in critical research classes.

“These activities go above and beyond the expectations of an Instructional Designer,” said Wilson’s nominator. “Brian has truly made a difference in helping to develop a stronger community of online graduate student learners in EDAD. This is no easy task! Brian has been extremely supportive of the faculty and very open to collaboration as well.”

The nominator went on to say, “Brian is always thinking of ways he can help us not only design effective online instruction, but most recently he has taken on the task of walking us through the transitions from Blackboard to Canvas. He gives us confidence to move forward and learn new tools and approaches to instruction.”

Wilson was also acknowledged for his ability to “build genuine relationships” and for his proactive involvement on the CEHS Staff Council where he has worked with colleagues to form a craft art group and a group of walkers to help improve health.

Congratulations to Brian Wilson, the CEHS Staff Star Award recipient for August.

Maas receives CEHS Staff Star Award

Michelle Maas, research project assistant in the Department of Educational Psychology, has been named a CEHS Staff Star Award recipient. CEHS Staff Council President Nancy McConkey made the announcement and presentation in February.

A nominator said that Michelle was “a full member of our research/project group” and was valued for her constructive questions and suggestions. Among her responsibilities are editing and managing preparation of manuscripts, handling publication logistics, and project organization. Her colleague said Michelle was a self-taught expert on U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization rules related to employment, visas and travel and is knowledgeable about Chinese visa and travel regulations.

“I am submitting this application on behalf of so many past and presents students that Michelle has helped and continues to help and for all she does outside the box for our research/project group,” said the nomination. Present and former graduate assistants, both from the U.S. and internationally, had many positive comments about Maas for supporting them in their work. They included:

  • “Michelle introduced me to the ins and outs of editing manuscripts, something I will use for the rest of my career.”
  • “She made us students (international) feel like a family, uniting different cultural and social backgrounds.”
  • “Her support inspired me to work with sincerity and dedication.”
  • “I still remember I hold her hand once when we crossed the street (a Chinese custom), she smiled and said she understands my improper behavior.”

Congratulations to Michelle Maas for being selected as the latest CEHS Staff Star Award recipient. To nominate a staff member for a future award, please visit the Staff Council webpage to fill out the online nomination form.

2017 International Luncheon

international buffet55 countries represented in CEHSinternational salad toppings

We had a fantastic turnout for the 2017 International Luncheon. We capped off our puzzle theme this year by signing and building a giant "CEHS" puzzle. In addition, we learned a bit about Chinese qipao dresses and had a fantastic demonstration from the Chinese Silk Road Fashion Show. We ended things with the FitBit drawing. Congratulations do Brad Stauffer and Flora Fix for winning this year's drawing!

Jolly receives December 2016 Staff Star Award

CEHS Staff Council President Nancy McConkey has announced Sushma Jolly as the December Staff Star Award recipient. Jolly is an instructional design technology specialist for the college. Among her duties are supporting faculty who teach online courses through Canvas and Blackboard. Her nominators were complimentary of her ability to improve the online learning process.

“She has excellent interpersonal skills showing her caring attitude to all she meets,” said one nominator. “Her quiet demeanor helps to place the focus on her client, their needs and how she can help them. She is an outstanding instructional designer. She helps each instructor determine how to use technology to teach in an interactive and effective manner. She gives the instructor many ideas and then helps him/her set up their online classroom so it will work for the content being taught. She will also troubleshoot problems and is always on hand to help when there are issues. She is particularly adept at helping to design strategies that help students interact with their professor and with each other. In addition, she helps the instructor design the class so it is easy to manage and administer. This also translates to helping the course be student-friendly. Her skills are invaluable to a novice at distance education as well as to the experienced educator offering continual new ideas for the course.”

“Sushma Jolly is sincerely dedicated to CEHS’s success,” continued her nominators. “Not only is she warm and welcoming in disposition, she is consistently positive in all aspects of her work and life. Her unique ability to pay close attention to detail, adjust quickly, and educate others is rare and captivating. It is clear she has a passion for reaching out to others and simplifying their lives in any way possible.”

Congratulations to Sushma Jolly for receiving the December Staff Star Award. To nominate a staff member for a future award, please visit the Staff Council web page to fill out the online nomination form.

2016 Holiday Luncheon and Holiday Giving Challenge Winners

We had an excellent turnout for our Holiday Luncheon this year! In addition to some great food and inspiring talks from Dean Doll as well as OpeN Shelf's Cody McCain, we also drew winners for our OpeN Shelf Giving Challenge. The winners were selected from among those who donated to OpeN Shelf during our giving challenge. Here are the winners: 

Mona Shoenrock Diane Gronewold
Lisa King Phyllis Fogerty
Brad Stauffer Beth Doll
Patti Farritor Marilyn Grady

OpeN Shelf 2016 CEHS Giving Challenge

November 7-23, 2016

Help support our Husker students in need!


  • Women’s hygiene supplies
  • Laundry detergent
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving cream
  • Razors
  • Dish soap
  • Prepackaged rice or pasta products
  • Ramen noodles
  • Canned pasta and protein meals
  • Also stocked, but not in great need of now: soap, shampoo; toothbrushes; toothpaste


  • Checks should be made out to the Lutheran Center and place OpeN Shelf in the Memo.


  • Educational Administration office – 141 TEAC
  • East Campus Dean’s Office – 105 HECO


  • Each CEHS Faculty Member, Staff Member or Student who participates will have their name entered into a drawing for a chair massage.  Winners will be announced at the CEHS Staff Holiday Luncheon December 21, 2016. 
For more information visit:

Catia Guerrero is the October award recipient

On behalf of the Staff Council we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Catia Guerrero, administrative associate in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF), for being selected as the October recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Catia's nominators said about her are:

  • As the Office Manager in the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, Catia does a wonderful job of motivating our team and does her job with a smile on her face. She loves people, works hard (often after hours and on weekends) and does a great job of handling multiple tasks at the same time. She is always available for support and goes above and beyond to help anyone when needed.
  •  Catia has been an outstanding individual to work with since she first started working in the CYAF Department Office. She is always encouraging the staff to take advantage of professional development opportunities, and to participate in organizations on campus and take time out for those meetings. We all know that each morning we will be welcomed with a smile, and her door is always open to anyone who needs to talk, needs assistance, or just wants to say hello.
  • Catia has endless drive to get things done and a knack for creating practical and efficient solutions to any problem that arises. She's well-loved by the faculty she supports and is indispensable to most, if not all, of the functions of our department.

So, if you get a chance, stop by CYAF and congratulation Catia. She is very deserving of this award!

Reminder: Please consider nominating a CEHS staff member who goes above and beyond their scope of duties for the Staff Star Award. Staff members can be nominated multiple times. The nomination form is at

Dean Young is the August award recipient

On behalf of the Staff Council we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dean Young, operations manager for the International Quilt Study Center & Museum (IQSCM), for being selected as the August recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Dean's nominator said about him are:

  •  Dean Young is an amazing team member! He is gracious and helpful to our visitors, going out of his way to ensure that guests have an enjoyable visit. Our rentals have more than doubled; and Dean sees to each detail - as such, we are booking repeat business.
  • Dean did a wonderful job overseeing the construction of our expansion. He was the perfect liaison between Quilt House; the architects and the construction company making sure that each team knew what needed to be done, and when.
  • Without fail, Dean will volunteer to take on additional tasks and complete them without delay or adversely affecting his other responsibilities. And, he does it all with a great attitude and smile.

So, if you get a chance, stop by the IQSCM and congratulation Dean. He is very deserving of this award!

Reminder: Please consider nominating a CEHS staff member who goes above and beyond their scope of duties for the Staff Star Award. Staff members can be nominated multiple times. The nomination form is at

Kim Osmond is the June award recipient

On behalf of the Staff Council we would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Kim Osmond, events coordinator with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), for being selected as the June recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Kim's nominator said about her are:

  • Kim Osmond started working for OLLI as a student intern, graduating from the CEHS HTRM program in 2013, and was hired as the OLLI event coordinator in 2015. OLLI members have embraced Kim as a vital contributor to the organization. She works closely with the volunteer members on the Special Events Committee, Travel Committee, Theme Committee and as required supports other groups with plans for special events, symposiums and speaker series. Kim's responsibilities require her to work evening and weekend hours on occasion. She is always there, well prepared and ready to work.
  • Kim builds relationships with her easy-going, engaging personality in addition to her skills in detail planning and juggling multiple projects at one time. Kim has a positive attitude at all times, relates well to her co-workers and fosters a positive environment in the OLLI office.
  • In addition to her responsibilities for event planning, Kim provides membership (customer) support during peak times of registration and regular office hours. She is very organized and seeks ways to continue to improve through professional development and engagement outside of OLLI.

So, if you get a chance, stop by room 125 in the Home Economics Building and congratulation Kim. She is very deserving of this award!

Reminder: Please consider nominating a CEHS staff member who goes above and beyond their scope of duties for the Staff Star Award. Staff members can be nominated multiple times. The nomination form is at

Matthew Bentz is the April award recipient

The Staff Council congratulates Matthew Bentz, computer support analyst in the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders, for being selected as the April recipient of the Council's Staff Star Award. Comments from Mat's nominators included:

  • "In addition to his regular support activities, Mat has also taken on the role of HIPAA Security Officer, technology liaison for vendors of classroom equipment, technology expert for distance education, supervisor for computer disposal, and author of source code to sustain our clinic observation system. As the HIPPA privacy/security officer, he has done a nice job of balancing the need to have good work flow with the need for security. In addition, Mat went out of his way to help train 34 master's clinicians in the use of the recording system in the Barkley Center."
  • "Mat has shifted his hours so that he would be in the building when evening online classes began in case of trouble with the hybrid classrooms. His later availability has more than once "saved" a class when Adobe Connect or the conference room computer would not cooperate or communicate with one another. For many years it was Mat at 6-6:30 p.m. weekly helping to test the audio system as students called into the conference line for a hybrid class. He always stays after a solution is found to a dilemma to see if the solution is stable and the class can move forward."
  • "By providing computer and tech support in his kind, patient and supportive manner, Mat diffuses many difficult and trying moments when technology doesn't seem to be working. He will also take the time to explain and give 'dummy' directions to those of us that don't have a "techy" mind in such a way that isn't insulting and allows for learning and understanding."
Stop by room 202L in the Barkley Center and congratulate Mat.

Reminder: Please consider nominating a CEHS staff member who goes above and beyond their scope of duties for the Staff Star Award. Staff members can be nominated multiple times. The nomination form is at

Diane Sealock, Staff Star!

CONGRATULATIONS to Diane Sealock, staff assistant for certification and recruitment in the Field Placement Office, for being selected as the December 2015 recipient of our Staff Star Award.

Some of the things Diane’s nominator said about her are:

  • Diane performs at an extremely high level in all facets of her position. Her primary responsibility of processing all certification requests (from most of the other 49 states plus the District of Columbia) that come through our office is responded to in a professional, courteous and efficient manner. The quality of her work in this area is exceptional, and there is always a great attention to detail. Diane is also responsible for staying current on Nebraska requirements for certification and works with a number of grant/loan forgiveness programs offered through the Nebraska Department of Education. She has also taken on more responsibilities tied to electronic record keeping which includes keeping track of test scores for student who are completing the CORE and Praxis II exams. These are all important tasks that are crucial to the certification process.
  • Diane helps Karen Kassebaum, the college recruiting director, by organizing campus visits and making sure all materials are ready when students come to our office. She has also helped Jon Kerrigan, Global Exchange Coordinator for the College, and Sara Skretta, our new Director of Professional Experiences, make the necessary adjustments to their new positions and has made sure they feel comfortable in their roles.
  • Providing excellent service to everyone who needs our assistance, Diane addresses all matters in a courteous and timely manner, and when called upon to do so, she utilizes excellent judgment and makes sound decisions on all issues. She is an excellent worker who gets along well with all of her colleagues in the Student Services Center, and everyone who has any contact with our office.

Jeff Holland, Staff Star!

Jeff Holland June Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Holland, project assistant in the CEHS Pixel Lab, for being selected as the June recipient of our Staff Star Award! Some of the things Jeff’s nominators said about him are:

  • Jeff provides an exceptional service. Whenever something has to be done he does it, even when it is last minute and he could easily say it’s too late. He has an easy smile and an attitude that makes working with him and the Pixel Lab an absolute joy.
  • Last summer [during the remodel and while the IDC was short-staffed] Jeff was the main person at the lab and rose to meet all challenges professionally. He is an asset we should all be proud of.
  • Jeff is the point person in the newly designed Pixel Lab handling the bulk of the design work and handling it supremely. He welcomes clients' questions and projects and a client's problem quickly becomes his problem. Jeff embraces his work – and that shines through in his smile and the masterful graphics he creates.

International Luncheon

international buffet55 countries represented in CEHSinternational salad toppings

Staff members celebrated the diversity of the 55 countries currently represented by CEHS staff, faculty, and students at the International Luncheon April 7 at Quilt House. The delicious salad toppings and desserts on the buffet provided by Associate Professor Fayrene Hamouz's catering class were drawn from several regional and international cuisines. As they enjoyed their salads, staff members were treated to a fascinating demonstration of taiji exercises and techniques by members of the Lincoln Taijiquan, led by Professor Gary Yuen of UNL's Plant Pathology Department. The techniques included duilian (paired practice), tuishou (push hands), and wuqi (weapons form). Dr. Yuen explained the fundamentals of taiji as his students performed the choreographed sequences.

taijipaired practiceweapons form

Photos: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

Staff Development Day

Development Day sessionsDevelopment Day international cookingDevelopment Day lunch

Photos: Roz Hussin, Online & Distance Education

More than 40 CEHS staff members braved the rain to attend the Staff Development Day on East Campus. Staff were greeted by Dean Kostelnik. Presentations and hand-on workshops were available in saving to the Cloud using UNL-Box (Ranelle Maltas), collaborating using Adobe Connect (Donald Robertson and Leona Barratt), and cooking international treats (Dr. Georgia Jones). During lunch, Floyd Sylvester offered sound advice on dealing with difficult people. The presenters enthusiastically shared their expertise, and staff members enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new and to spend time with colleagues from throughout the college.

Allison Nespor, Staff Star!

Allison Nespor April Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Allison Nespor, Staff Secretary III in the Department of Educational Psychology, for being selected as the April recipient of our Staff Star Award! Some of the things Allison’s nominator said about her are:

  • In addition to her duties within the counseling programs clinic, Allison is the administrative assistant for the Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology. Our consortium is one of the largest APA-accredited sites in the country. It is not an understatement when I say that this site would not run without Allison.
  • Allison consistently goes above and beyond her job responsibilities. She is intimately involved in organizing our training, board meetings and site administration. We have 35 interns across five agencies that have interns from Chadron to Nebraska City. The administration of this consortium is enormous and Allison handles it with ease. She also provides innovative ideas to training problems and is seen as the go-to person by all.
  • Allison also makes it her mission to get to know all interns. In order to accomplish her tasks, she needs strong interpersonal skills, a high level of organization and creative thinking. She shows these qualities on a weekly basis.

Lori Rausch, Staff Star!

Lori Rausch, Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Lori Rausch, Student Services Associate in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, for being selected as the February recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Lori’s nominator said about her are:

  • Lori has been one of the cornerstone administrative professionals in the Department of Nutrition & Health Sciences (NHS) for many years. Her patient and knowledgeable demeanor has been the smiling face of our department for ALL graduate students and many undergraduate students in CEHS. She welcomes students with smiles and compliments, and helps them find answers to the questions they have, and according to the students, makes them feel comfortable and "part of the family" of NHS and CEHS.
  • She is the prototypical example of an employee who makes everything flow smoothly within the department by working hard in the background – and she never demands recognition or credit for all the work she does. Ultimately, her selflessness is one of the main reasons she is so deserving of the CEHS Staff Star Award. Lori has coordinated the graduate program during most of her time in NHS. She also serves as a liaison between the faculty and course requirements, curricula, bookstore needs, and student applications.
  • Lori has so much experience and works so hard for our graduate program. She is invaluable and largely unrecognized for her monumental daily contributions.

CEHS Staff Holiday Lunch

Staff members enjoying holiday lunchDean Kostelnikholiday lunch table

Nearly 60 CEHS staff members enjoyed a pasta buffet lunch catered by Noodles & Company at Quilt House. Staff Star award winners were recognized. Leigh Esau, co-founder of Foster CARE Closet, spoke about needs of children in foster care in Nebraska and how the Foster CARE Closet helps them and the foster parents caring for them by providing clothing and a meeting space when children are placed in a foster home. Alex Trout and Kristin Duppong Hurley described the packages sent to children in foster care by the Letterbox Club, a project operated by faculty and staff in the Center for Child and Family Well Being. CEHS staff members generously donated nearly $400 to be divided between the Letterbox Club and the Foster CARE Closet. Dean Marjorie Kostelnik thanked the speakers for their efforts in addressing a need in the community.

Leigh Esau of Foster CARE Closetsample Letterbox Club packageAlex Trout and Kristin Duppong Hurley for the Letterbox Club

Photos: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

Joan Kunzman, Staff Star!

Joan Kunzman, Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Joan Kunzman, Administrative Staff Associate for the Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management Program in the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, for being selected as the December recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Joan's nominator said about her:

  • Joan is called "the face of HRTM" by some because the work she does touches every student. Her dedication to the students, faculty, department and college is really admirable.
  • She's been a key player and instrumental in many accomplishments our program has achieved such as helping to develop and now maintaining the program webpage.
  • Joan volunteers to run work-related errands that are really outside the scope of her duties.

Nadine Ault, Staff Star!

Nadine Ault, Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Nadine Ault, Staff Assistant for the Osher Lifelong Learning Program (OLLI), for being selected as the October recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Nadine's nominators said about her:

  • Nadine provides excellent customer service to the more than 1,100 members of OLLI through registration services at five peak times during year, phone contact, email contact.
  • She supports more than 180 volunteer instructors annually. Her co-workers acknowledge her friendly attitude, cooperation, her efficiency skills and service orientation to the OLLI members.
  • Members comment how friendly, efficient and accommodating Nadine is with all of the responsibilities she is charged with.

CEHS staff tour CB3

On October 14th, approximately 28 CEHS staff attended a presentation by Dr. Dennis Molfese at the Center for Brain, Biology, & Behavior (CB3) located in the University of Nebraska’s football stadium and sports complex. Dr. Molfese, director of the center, spoke to the group about the unique and inter-disciplinary collaboration efforts of distinguished faculty that are resulting in many new and exciting ideas being researched and tested at CB3.

CB3 tour group

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

The only center of its kind in the world, UNL’s CB3 is breaking new ground by featuring:

  • fMRI/DTI/MRI + ERP + Eye Tracking systems
  • 12 High-Density EEG/ERP Labs
  • 21 Behavior Science Labs
  • 3 Vestibular/Balance Labs
  • An Endocrine Lab
  • A Genetics Lab
  • 2 Super Computing Labs

among many other state-of-the-art pieces of equipment and space that enhances its research capacity.

CB3 tourDennis Molfese

Photos: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

With approximately 31,000 square feet of space, CB3 also has other specialty areas that set it apart from any other research center in existence. Being located within a sports complex gives CB3 the ability to instantly treat and study the effects of concussions, brain function, and their impacts on human behavior. The current research focus is on athletes who suffer from concussions. However, this research will also lead to improving the treatment for the more than 1.7 million Americans affected by a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).* Other areas being researched include infant brain mapping, continued study on the effects of “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, and Genotyping that could lead to better treatment for people with addictions.

The CEHS Staff Council thanks Dr. Molfese for his time and we encourage anyone with an interest to attend a tour of the facility.

FUN FACT: One of the MRI magnets located in CB3 is strong enough to pull a loaded semi-truck two full blocks! Now, that’s the POWER of RED!

Written by: Julie Catalina, CEHS Staff Council Member

Jenny Day, Staff Star!

Jenny Day, Staff Star

Photo: Julie Catalina, CEHS Business Center

CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny Day, CEHS Events Coordinator, for being selected as the August recipient of our Staff Star Award!! Some of the things Jenny's nominators said about her:

  • Overseeing as many as twenty events per year, she manages all aspects of the events (guest lists, caterers, invitations, technology, both on-campus and off-campus and/or out-of-state venue locations, and much more). Jenny serves as the front desk receptionist in the city campus Dean’s Office and also handles the Dean’s travel arrangements.
  • With her sense of responsibility, planning, hard work and attention to details, College special events are smooth running and festive.
  • Jenny has lots of projects—with lots of details—and lots of responsibility. Jenny’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail are evident in everything she works on and are appreciated by many.

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